Care sheets for tarantulas as pets

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Oct 16, 2019 · To care for a tarantula, feed it live prey less than half its size, like crickets and cockroaches. Alternatively, try serving dead food in the form of thawed baby mice or half-inch pieces of raw beef. Pet tarantula care sheet Tarantulas are really easy to maintain in captivity, requiring exceptionally low maintenance, making them a truly undemanding pet arachnid. Below we will go over the few key components of their care, in simple terms with descriptive explanations. General Tarantula Care Sheet. Would you like to own a Tarantula or Spiderling, but do not know where to start? We have put together a general care sheet to help you decide if a Tarantula is the perfect exotic pet for you. What equipment do you need? Tarantulas can be kept very inexpensively, spiderling cheaper still.

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You can find tarantulas widely available at pet stores, reptile shows, and online breeders and dealers. If you want a unique and interesting pet, a tarantula would be a fine choice. Pet Tarantula Facts & Information Care Sheet Information covering everything you need to care for a pet tarantula. Cage & Habitat Tarantula care sheet Do tarantulas Bite? What do tarantulas eat? How to handle a tarantula What are the best pet tarantulas? What is the biggest tarantula? Where do tarantulas live? How do tarantulas molt? Tarantula facts Are tarantulas poisonous? What’s a tarantula hawk? How long do tarantulas live? Where to buy tarantulas? Tarantula blog ...

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Tarantula Caresheets by Jon Fouskaris. Aphonopelma seemani Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula Acanthoscurria geniculata

Tarantula Care Sheet. A five or ten gallon screened-top terrarium. An aquarium with a screen cover is fine as long as it can be secured. One to three inches of substrate such as sterilized potting soil or bed-a-beast. Burrowing tarantulas will need a deeper substrate. A hide area. Half-logs available at most pet stores work well. A shallow water dish. Cork bark or half of a small, clay flower pot can also be used for a shelter. Artificial plants (or live ones for advanced keepers) provide good additional coverage, making your pet tarantula feel calm and safe. To supplement this page with specific information for the species you’re interested in keeping, or for information for keeping tarantulas of other genera, see the care sheets and species pages on this site (which are coming soon!) Housing tarantulas. A suitable tarantula enclosure needs to fulfill several requirements.

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Among these are mason jars, plastic tubs and shoeboxes, and even tupperware. Be for-warned, that although this may seem appealing to the budget conscious tarantula keeper, if you expect to gain anything at all form having a tarantula as a pet, set it up so you can see it. Female tarantulas (most pet-shop specimens are female) can live over 20 ...