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License Plates of Alabama. Alabama: Home > North America > United States of America > Alabama Private/Passenger Plate History Military Related ... More Alabama Plates. M A D IS O N L IM E S T O N E C O L B E R T L A W R E N C E M O R G A N M A R S H A L L D E K A L B. Title: licenseplate.PDF Author: Unknown Created Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2000 3:45:20 PM Show your Auburn Spirit on the road with the newly designed Auburn license plate in the state of Georgia. The "Auburn Club" license plate can be ordered at your county tax commissioner's tag office. When renewing online, it is also available in the full tag list under the "Special Interest" plates. Motor Vehicle Regulatory License Search A new or used motor vehicle license also includes a motor vehicle rebuilder and wholesale license. ... License Number. Search the availability of a plate number. Reserve a license plate and number. The Alabama DOR must approve your message before issuing your plate. Visit their Specialty License Plate section and look for “E-Services" to reserve your message. Once your plate is approved you will have 5 days to pay the fees.

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Enter 2 to 6 characters you want on your Personalized Plate. Then choose the Plate Style you prefer by clicking on the small license plate images at the right. If you use fewer than 6 letters or numbers on your plate, use the space bar to position the letters or numbers where you want them to be placed. From license plate accessories for Camry to Honda Accord license plate frames, you can find all the frames and hardware online that you need to outfit every ride you own in personalized panache. Get free shipping with next day delivery or pick up your purchase today at an AutoZone near you. To search a license plate number you will need the full license plate number and the state of registration. License plates have the state listed on the plate itself. Once you have the full plate number and state you can search and lookup vehicle information, vehicle specs, possibly owner information, VIN number. Home » Plate Categories. Choose Plate Category ... Choose Plate Category. Alternative Fuel. Alternative Fuel ... University of Alabama National Alumni Association ... License Plates of Alabama. Alabama: Home > North America > United States of America > Alabama Private/Passenger Plate History Military Related ... More Alabama Plates. In 1955, when registrations in Jefferson County reached "1-99999", it was necessary to add a letter after the county code prefix creating the plate number format of "1A-00000". "1B" (1960-76) and "1C" (1971-73) were also introduced. "2A" was introduced for Mobile County in 1961-1969.

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How to Lookup Any Alabama License Plate Number. The search for vehicle records in the state of Alabama through a license plate number can be done in a few ways: 1. Private databases purchase, organize, and sell information to consumers. These databases are run by private companies, not State or Federal government organizations.

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Alabama License Plates: Printer version of this page ... 1912-16 plates are undated. Commercial began 1916. ... number issued for front. An additional fee of $5.00 is due when a metal plate is issued. The net proceeds of the $5 shall be distributed to the Department of Revenue. Individual plates are ordered On Demand through the Plate Reservation and Ordering System (PROS). Counties may place bulk orders using the Alabama Inventory Management System (AIMS).