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If you just connect an output of your 7404 chip to a BNC connector you don't have to worry about pull-ups or pull-downs on the output side. It looks like outputs of this chip cannot be tristated so you should always have a known output of the BNC connector. The output will be determined by the input of the NOT gate.

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7404 Tape and reel SN7404DR SOIC − D Tube SN74LS04D LS04 0°C to 70°C Tape and reel SN74LS04DR Tube SN74S04D S04 ... Hex Inverters (Rev. C) ... S07K275 VARISTOR 275V RMS 7MM RADIAL EPCOS Inc datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from datasheetz.com Datasheet (data sheet) search for integrated circuits (ic), semiconductors and other electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, transistors and diodes. Text: The Leader in High Temperature Semiconductor Solutions CHT- 7486 DATASHEET Revision: 03.3 Oct. 01, 2012 (Last Modified Date) High-Temperature, Quad 2-Inputs XOR Gate General Description Features The CHT- 7486 contains four independent 2-inputs XOR gates, performing the Boolean function , at 225°C for 30000 hours (CDIL14) and 20000 ... Sep 30, 2015 · SQT7011K Datasheet, SQT7011K datasheet, SQT7011K pdf, SQT7011K pinout, SQT7011K data, SQT7011K circuit, manual, substitute, parts, schematic, reference. 7401 Quad 2-input NAND Gates with Open-collector Outputs DM5401 DM7401 Quad 2-Input NAND Gates with Open-Collector Outputs. This device contains four independent gates each of which performs the logic NAND function The open-collector outputs require external pull-up resistors for proper logical operation.

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7404 Tape and reel SN7404DR SOIC − D Tube SN74LS04D LS04 0°C to 70°C Tape and reel SN74LS04DR Tube SN74S04D S04 ... Hex Inverters (Rev. C) ...

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The Black & Decker 7404 is a hardworking, light-duty finishing sander that can enhance the workshop capabilities of any do-it-yourself homeowner. This sander has a standard 4-by-5-inch sanding pad that uses precut sandpaper sheets, making it an effective tool for any size project. DUAL 4-INPUT AND GATE 14 13 12 11 10 9 123456 VCC 8 7 GND GUARANTEED OPERATING RANGES Symbol Parameter Min Typ Max Unit VCC Supply Voltage 54 74 4.5 4.75 5.0 5.0 5.5 5.25 V TA Operating Ambient Temperature Range 54 74 –55 0 25 25 125 70 °C IOH Output Current — High 54, 74 –0.4 mA IOL Output Current — Low 54 74 4.0 8.0 mA SN54/74LS21 ...