Tre sheet metal intake

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Looking for that cost effective intake for higher Horsepower combos that you don't have to spend weeks welding and grinding on, well here it is. The Kauffman Polar Wind! This Box Ram intake was built for applications that are 850HP and higher working in the 5000-8000 rpm power band. Recommended minimum head flow is 370/380 cfm. Thor heads, cnc ported by TRE 560 cfm, w/ victory titanium valves, PAC triple springs, tit retainers. Billet custom crankshaft Eliminator block w/ 60mm camshaft, .904 lifters, billet caps and 4 bolt mains TRE sheet metal intake. Billet Runners, W/ linkage and billet shear plates TRE twin carbs w/ billet blocks and boosters

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We offer custom V6, V8, 4 & 6 cylinder Inline manifolds & add-ons, E.F.I. trottle body, dominator spacers, shear plates, inserts, bungs, CNC Billet Runners. Good choices would be CFE, HRE, Hogans, Wilson, Beck, TRE. I would do some research & figure out who best meets your needs. ... Sheet Metal Intake Jun 13, 2016 · TRE sheet metal intake with two Book Dominators.[/quote] Thank you mate[/quote][/quote] Sheet metal vs cast intake larry552 on June 2nd 2015, 10:45 pm For an 1/8 mile drag car big tire 2400lb with 632 will a cast intake or a sheet metal intake better for this combo.

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SHEET METAL MANIFOLD FABRICATION: Since all of our Sheet Metal Manifolds are custom built for each customers needs, we offer the two downloable PDF files below, that can be used to submit your specific information to us, otherwise we will need your actual Cylinder Heads in order to build your intake.

Nov 29, 2006 · Read about the purpose and affects of sheetmetal intake manifolds from Popular Hot Rodding Magazine. ... perhaps the biggest advantage of a sheet-metal intake is its customizability for specific ... Feb 20, 2016 · I am running a 351w shp dart block stroked to a 427, bullet cam duration @.50 263/267 lift .664/.656, afr 220 heads, TRE Racing engines sheet metal intake, 871 bds stage 2 under driven 15% which is around 5 psi, topped of with two quick fuel 850's.

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Billet Runners: Many customers want a one-off custom manifold. I can supply billet runners that easily allows us or the customer to fabricate their own billet-sheetmetal hybrid manifold. This method has many advantages over fabricated sheetmetal manifolds. Cost-effective for one-off manifolds. Hi-Ram Sheet Metal Fabricated Intake Manifold 2011-14 Ford 5.0L Coyote Single Plane Dual Quad Carbureted Silver with Sniper logo Due to Alternator location, these manifolds are NOT designed to work with Trucks/SUV engines originally equipped with a 5.0L V8 Coyote Motor!